Saturday, 10 May 2014

Eriacta – Fact And Precautionary Measures

Eriacta 100mg tablet is a special treatment provided to men to treat sexual problems (such as Erectile Dysfunction). Effect of this medicine takes place in patient’s body within 15 to 30 minutes after taking this tablet orally with a glass of water. Its main effect is to enforce the blood to flow at a faster rate to the penis by relaxing the body muscles, which further causes erection. The main ingredient of this medicine is ‘sildenafil citrate’ and ‘Ranbaxy’ is the manufacturer of this medicine. This medicine must be stored in a dry place and not in a bathroom. It must be stored in room temperature at around 25 degree C, take away from children and pets, and also away from moisture, heat, and light. This pill must be taken 1 hour before person has the desire to sexual activity with his partner.

Eriacta pill is only for male person and those men whose age is above 18 years and women must strictly avoid the use of this pill, overdose of this pill must be avoided which means that it must be taken only once in day. To get more effect from this pill to achieve and maintain strong erection is by avoiding the consumption of alcohol, grape juice, grapefruit, and also fatty foods. is well-known supplier of best quality anti-impotent medicines such as Silagra low price online, Penegra, Best Tadalis SX at affordable rates

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