Sunday, 30 June 2013

Bad eating habits lead to reactive Hypoglycemia

Reactive hypoglycemia is a health condition that's experienced by individuals who take in excessive amounts of simple carbohydrates and/or "junk food" which leads to low blood sugar levels. It can introduce severe stress to the body which can seriously impair the immune system leaving a person prone to other types of illnesses. Being familiar with this condition is the most familiar way to deal with this.


• Sleeping problems
• Irregular heartbeat                                                   
• Sweating
• Confusion
• Nausea
• Frequent and severe headaches
• Cold feelings
• Numbness
• Light-headedness
• Anxiety
• Extreme fatigue
• Severe and frequent headaches
• Depression and moodiness,
• Unexplained craving for sweets,
• Sinusitis
• If the case is severe and not cared for in a timely manner then it results to Coma

• Avoid fasting and overeating.
• Medication
• Exercise
• Healthy diet

From bad eating habits this health condition emerges. The method of controlling this irritating health condition is to change the way you eat and have highly effective and good food.

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